Wrecking w/ GOD ROLL EYASLUNA Destiny Multiplayer Gameplay

  • 8 years ago

The third expansion, The Taken King, was released on September 15, 2015, marking the end of "Year One" of Destiny. The expansion focuses on Oryx, father of Crota, as he leads a new race of enemy, the Taken, to avenge his son's death. Players have access to a new PvE area, the Dreadnaught, Oryx's massive ship situated in the rings of Saturn (with its own Patrol mode), as well as playable missions on Mars' moon Phobos (previously only available in PvP), and the raid, "King's Fall", that will "put players to the ultimate test" and will release on September 18. A new activity called Court of Oryx is accessed during the Dreadnaught's Patrol mode. During Patrol, players collect items called runes that can be used to activate a new type of public event with random bosses and three levels of difficulty.